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Welcome to Draw Something Game Online. Draw Something is a popular mobile game developed by Omgpop.The game has been downloaded more than 50 million times.The easy game involves players drawing pictures so that you can guess words.Draw Something players have generated more than a billion drawings, and create over 3,000 drawings per second. There are 10.8 million people who play Draw Something game daily. The game is designed on iOS, Android platforms, but you can free play Draw Something Online on your Computer, PC, Laptop… at DrawSomethingGameOnline.com

How to play Draw Something Game Online

Draw the word when it’s your turn. Guess the word when others draw.

First player to guess the word get 3 points.First player to guess the word get 3 points.The drawer will get 2 points for the first correct answer.

Once someone guesses the answer, the other players have up to 5 seconds to keep guessing and will get 1 point for the correct word.

The player with the most points at the end wins!

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  1. annoyed says:

    Ever since the Halloween event update, the frequency of ads has increased to the point of annoyance. Most frustrating is the fact that I am now stuck in an endless loop of Google trying to force me to make a Google+ profile in order to play this app. Even if I click cancel, Google continually pops up about creating a profile. Do you not have pride in your ‘free’ app?

  2. Sis Fannin says:

    ever since the update on October 23, 2014. my game won’t work on my Ipad

  3. juju says:

    Jouez avec moi

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