Level Editor 4: Wild West



How to play?

Level Editor 4: Wild West


Get already absorbed with Wild West, an amazing adventure game for people at all ages? If yes, Level Editor 4: Wild West will astonish you since it's a new update of Wild West. Experience it right away!

This wonderful game portrays a trip of a stickman through the Wild West. The trip includes a pack of small courses, and he must overcome all of them to reach the expected destination. In each of the courses, let's take him so that he climbs ladders, jump over obstacles, and enter the exit. Importantly, there are pits and wide gaps along his way. It's not good to fall into these traps. A hint is to place blocks in order that he has good jumps. Remember to pick up coins while traveling in the Wild West.

Level Editor 4: Wild West is exciting to enjoy. Take time to explore its challenges. Let's go!

INSTRUCTIONS: Arrow keys are used to move the main character.
The left mouse is to place blocks.
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