Wake Up Box 2



How to play?

Wake Up Box 2


Another new version of Wake Up Box is here. It's exactly Wake Up Box 2. Having ever plunged into the gameplay of its previous editions, you will crave for exploring new things here. Start up now!

Like some traditional editions of Wake Up Box, the game is about waking up Mr. Box by letting some objects interact with him. That sounds easy, right? Actually, each player will be provided with a certain number of objects in different shapes, and the best way for overcoming the current level is to attach these objects to the suitable locations so that Mr. Box is hit and drop out of his initial position. Occasionally, solving the game's puzzles requires the player's intelligence in making use of the available items.

Don't mind putting yourself in Wake Up Box 2! It will offer you the enjoyable moments. How amazing!

INSTRUCTIONS: The game is enjoyed by using the left mouse.
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