Disaster Will Strike 3

Light Switch

The left mouse is the main tool to play Disaster Will Strike 3.

Game Details

Disaster Will Strike 3

Oh guys! The good news is coming to you; the next installment of Disaster Will Strike (Disaster Will Strike 3) will be soon in your hand. It’s known that it comprises lots of wonderful innovations for you. Don’t refuse to sink yourself into various challenging levels in this game now!

In each level of the game, players are asked to break all evil eggs by activating provided kinds of disaster e.g. floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, bees, and so forth. Remember that lots of eggs are scattered everywhere, so make sure that the players should perform their smartness and good strategies for using the disasters. Furthermore, it’s better to unleash some tools like wheels, rocks, blades, spikes or other traps to accomplish the quest more easily.

Crush down your hesitancy to move to Disaster Will Strike 3 and cope with cool challenges here, players! Have a lot of entertaining time with it.

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